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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 442 – The Room (2020)

What would you do if you had wishes? Money? Sex? Fame? But what happens if it goes dire and things turn out badly? Such famous horror stories like “The Monkey’s Paw” show this. And many movies. But the new horror film THE ROOM (2020) shows a different spin on an old tale.

Young couple Kate (Olga Kuylenko) and Matt (Kevin Janssens) move into a fixer-upper estate out in the rural sections of their county. As they begin to renovate, they discover that the electric power grid is archaic and that a hidden room exists in the master upstairs hall. When something odd occurs, they begin to discover a strange unexplained power within coming from the room.

Relatively unknown French director Christian Volckman takes the reign in the adaptation of French screenwriter Eric Forestier’s script. Starring Ukrainian actress Olga Kuylenko and Flemish actor Kevin Janssens, the film is an English language movie taking place in the United States. Dark Discussions takes a look at this Shudder exclusive and gives their thoughts.

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