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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 438 – We Summon The Darkness (2020)

Cults have been portrayed many times in horror films as the final antagonist. These movies include the comedic SATANIC PANIC (2019) or darker films such as 1BR (2020) or THE INVITATION (2015). And many do follow similar themes and plot developments. Some change it up a bit such as THE SACREMENT (2013) using found footage, and the new horror film WE SUMMON THE DARKNESS (2020) actually even changes up the protagonists.

It’s 1988, and three girls head to a heavy metal concert. When they arrive in the parking lot, they meet up with three boys who seem to want to “party” with them after the show. Unfortunately, a string of kidnappings by Satanists have occurred around the area. Heading back to one of their houses, what was supposed to be a fun extended evening turns out to be a horrific nightmare.

Director Marc Meyers is known for the docu-drama MY FRIEND DAHMER (2017). WE SUMMON THE DARKNESS, his latest, stars Alexandra Daddario, Logan Miller, and even the great Taylor Swift’s brother, Austin Swift. In a star making performance, Maddie Hasson steals the film. Dark Discussions takes a look at this well received horror movie and gives their thoughts.

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