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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 437 – Swallow (2020)

Pica is a behavioral health disorder in which a person will non-food items. So things that would be swallowed would be marbles or coins but also in extreme cases, things such as paperclips or tacks. Sometimes this condition is related to issues much more inherent in the individual, including depression and melancholy. That’s what the new 2020 film SWALLOW tackles.

Hunter (Haley Bennett), a once working class woman, has married into a wealthy Hudson Valley family. Seeming to be ignored by her husband Ritchie (Austin Stowell) and treated indifferently by her in-laws, she begins to unravel while alone at home. After watching a self-help documentary on television, she begins to swallow various objects. When she discovers she is pregnant the issue persists leading to dark secrets in her past that may finally catch up to her

The film is written by first time director Carlo Mirabella-Davis that has been received well by critics. Haley Bennett, with her stunning beauty and strong acting chops, may finally have the breakout performance that has seemed to escape her even with her many high profile performances. Dark Discussions takes a look at this dark character study and give their thoughts on the film.

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