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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 435 – Villains (2019)

So there is a list of scripts on a list called the “Black List”. These films are considered the most liked scripts by movie folk that have not yet been made into motion pictures. Some of them turn out to be gems (THE FIGHTER (2010), THE REVENENT (2015)) but many either never get made or turn out as mediocre adaptations. The new film VILLAINS arrived in late December 2019 with some buzz. The film was led by Bill Skarsgard after his performance as Pennywise the clown and Maika Monroe, a horror favorite.

Mickey (Bill Skarsgard) and Jules (Maika Monroe) are small time robbers. On the run, their incompetence leaves them with their vehicle out of gas. In the middle or rural Florida, they come upon a house and decide to find gas. But instead, what they find in the basement is fairly disturbing. But Jules conscience causes them to delay their escape leaving everyone in danger.

VILLAINS also stars well known performers Kyra Sedgwick and Blake Baumgartner in roles that allow them to chew up the scenery. With strong reviews by critics and Skarsgard coming off his Pennywise performance, the movie never caught on with audiences. Dark Discussions takes a look at this film to determine if there is a hidden gem in our midst.

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