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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 431 – The Furies (2019)

Australian cinema continues to put out very graphic horror films. Yet unlike the regular grindhouse film, they seem to dabble into the thriller and drama genres. The 2019 horror film, THE FURIES, originally shown on Shudder, happened to land on a number of top 10 horror film lists at the end of the year. Its intense violence, interesting twists, and set design was a perfect mix for any modern genre fan or those who loved old school midnight movies.

A young lady is kidnapped along with her friend to find themselves trapped in a large acreage wooded area where masked men begin to hunt them. Sounds like any horror film, but soon the women discover they can’t run away into the desert or mountains when a sonic boom keeps them “locked in”. Eventually as some of them are picked off, they begin to discover they may be in more than just a violent hunting game.

The film stars all Australian actresses. In what is his first time feature length direction, Australian Tony D’Aquino is also the writer. THE FURIES has a quick running time and leaves the exposition behind for the viewer to figure out what is actually going on. Dark Discussions takes a look at this 2019 release and gives their thoughts.

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