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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 428 – The Invisible Man (2020)

H.G. Wells, the great English author, wrote the novel, THE INVISIBLE MAN, in 1897, and all these years later it still resonates today. First adapted by Universal in 1933 to a very successful film starring the up-and-comer Claude Rains was a big hit. After their Dark Universe didn’t take off, they took their IP and decided to make them individually. Leigh Whannell (UPGRADE (2018)) takes the writing and directing reigns and brings the Blumhouse-Universal film, THE INVISIBLE MAN (2020).

Cecilia Kass (Elizabeth Moss) is trapped in an abusive relationship with brilliant engineer and business man, Adrian Griffin. One night after escaping his estate, and with the help of her sister, she hides away with a childhood friend and his daughter. Soon she finds out that her ex has died by suicide leaving her a sum of five million dollars. Yet as the days go by, she begins to think there is something more to the story. Strange things begin to happen, and her life is suddenly turned upside down.

Leigh Whannell, prior to being a director, has been a phenomenally successful screenwriter having written such movies as SAW (2004), INSIDIOUS (2010), and COOTIES (2014). After his success with INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY (2018) and UPGRAGE (2018), he was given THE INVISIBLE MAN as his next feature. Getting rave reviews by critics and fans alike, Dark Discussions take a look at this new adaptation of a classic story.

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