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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 426 – Joe Begos Focus: 2019’s Bliss

New England director Joe Begos is suddenly the “it” director with his latest film VFW (2020) making the rounds on VOD. In 2019, however, his film BLISS actually got a lot of praise from critics, receiving even better reviews than VFW. Outlets such as Variety, RogerEbert.com, Los Angeles Times, and the AV Club all reviewed it. And the movie holds a 90% on RottenTomatoes.

Dezzy (Dora Madison Burge) is a semi-successful artist who’s had album covers and large showings of her work. She’s sold paintings for large amounts, but recently she’s had an artistic roadblock. Her agent is hounding her, and many clients are concerned that their investments won’t be produced. One night she gets involved with old friends and rejoins the drug culture that she had been trying to avoid. Soon she discovers a horrible secret that may change her life forever.

With its psychedelic mood, and the apt amounts of blood and nudity, the film has become an acquired taste for some even if many feel it is well made. It most certainly a throw back to the crazy films of the 1970’s midnight theaters. Dark Discussions takes a look at this well received “grindhouse” film and gives their thoughts.

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