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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 420 – Underwater (2020)

After the 20th Century Fox sale to Disney, there were a number of films that landed up in limbo. Disney had to go through various films and see what they could do with them. One of them was UNDERWATER (2020), a movie that had been sitting on the shelf since 2017. Starring a fairly strong cast, but with no marketable names, the movie remained unreleased for over two years. However, with its fairly expensive budget, Disney decided January of the new year could salvage a film they felt had no real market.

In the year 2050, Tian Industries has built large drilling stations seven miles below the surface. When an unexpected event causes mass casualties at station Kepler 822 leaving only a handful of survivors, the group has to figure a way to survive. Captain Lucien (Vincent Cassel) says that they should suit up and walk across the ocean floor one mile to Roebuck Station 641. With little chance of survival, an unexpected development adds to their dire circumstances.

UNDERWATER was directed by William Eubank in his first major studio film. The cast includes Kristen Stewart (TWILIGHT) back in mainstream films and French superstar Vincent Cassel (IRREVERSIBLE). With its breathtaking cinematography by Bojan Bazelli (A CURE FOR WELLNESS), the film has much to like. Dark Discussions takes a look at this new sci-fi horror film and gives their thoughts.

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