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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 418 – The Dead Center (2019)

Sometimes low profile films appear that get a bit of buzz. Many times, that buzz is just minimal, but it is usually enough for hardcore horror fans to take a look. THE DEAD CENTER (2019) is one of those. Some notice was brought because the film stars PRIMER (2004) director Shane Carruth.

When the body of a “John Doe” appears with bizarre body wounds, pathologist Edward Graham (Bill Feehely) arrives at the morgue to find the body is missing. An unknown man appears in a random hospital room. He appears to have behavioral health issues so Dr. Daniel Forrester (Shane Carruth) commits him to find out who he is. Dr. Graham continues to investigate what happened to the missing body while Dr. Forrester begins to find things about the mystery patient that become disconcerting.

First time director Billy Senese wrote this new film as well. The film, following a combination of a medical procedural and psychological thriller, spins its yarn in a way that gives only hints at where it will go. Dark Discussions takes a look at the movie and gives their thoughts.

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