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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 414 – Calibre (2018)

Back in 2018, a low budget thriller CALIBRE picked up by Netflix premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival where it received positive buzz. Not surprising the picture was a Scottish production giving the premiere a very local experience. Shortly after Netflix released it to their VOD platform, it disappeared into their vast catalog of movies and shows. But some people came upon it and soon word-of-mouth gave it some regard.

Marcus, a successful businessman, takes his old friend Vaughn out hunting in the moors of Scotland. Vaughn has a quandary. His fiancée is newly pregnant and he is beginning to worry whether he will be a good father. Arriving at their destination, the two find out that the local townsfolk look upon them as troublemakers. The next morning they head out to hunt deer only to land up in a predicament neither ever thought was possible.

CALIBRE was a lucky pick by one of Dark Discussions Patreon supporters. Written and directed by newcomer Matt Palmer, the movie has received fantastic reviews. With its strong cast of Jack Lowden, Martin McCann, and Tony Curran, the movie’s acting makes the film appear to be a much bigger production. You co-hosts take a look at this little film and give their thoughts.

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