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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 413 – Tigers Are Not Afraid (2019)

Though until recently, director Issa López was fairly unknown outside her native Mexico. However Academy Award winning composer Hans Zimmer saw something and actually scored her film CASI DIVAS (2008). When her latest film, TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID (2017), was released on Shudder in 2019, such folks as Stephen King and Guillermo Del Toro took notice.

While at school, Estrella’s mother is kidnapped by a human trafficking cartel. Alone and scared, she becomes a street kid. Soon she meets other children including Shine who lets her become part of his “family”. Unfortunately the cartel is after something that they have. But complicating the children’s survival is monstrous spirits and ghosts begin to follow Estrella wherever she goes.

TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID has received fantastic reviews all around even with its dark subject matter. Though based in the real world, there is an aspect to the movie that feels dreamlike. Dark Discussions takes a look at this highly acclaimed movie and shares their thoughts.

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