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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 397 – Witchboard (1986)

Kevin Tenney may not be as famous as some of his peers from the 1980’s, but he’s had a few horror movies that have become October staples. His most famous film, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS (1988), is probably one of the most famous horror films that take place on Halloween night. However, his feature film debut two years prior, WITCHBOARD (1986), is probably almost famous.

Linda Brewster and her boyfriend Jim have a weekend cocktail party. Unfortunately her ex-boyfriend Brandon seems to not get along well with her latest beau. During a “game” using Brandon’s Ouija board, something goes wrong. Brandon claims that the bad energy between he and Jim have caused Daniel, the spirit of a dead boy, has become angry. The next day, Linda tries her own summons only to find out that an evil may in the house that’s more fearsome than the ghost of a young boy.

The film got notoriety because Tawny Kitaen starred in it. Being a very popular television personality and model, she brought some cred to what was otherwise a B-movie. However, this ghost tale went against the trend of 1980’s slasher films and stood out as a fan favorite. Dark Discussions takes a look at this good hearted and fun throwback horror film.

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