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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 386 – Brightburn (2019)

Last year, at San Diego ComicCon, James Gunn was all set to announce his latest upcoming project. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, he had to pull out of the convention and the announcement never came. The latest film, though, was getting prepared for a 2019 release. That film turned out to be BRIGHTBURN, a film directed by David Yarovesky and written by screenwriters Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn.

After failing to conceive, the Breyers are blessed with an alien child that crashed landed on their Kansas farm. Not sure where he was from, they adopted the boy and brought him up as their own. Now twelve years old, Brandon suddenly discovers that he may have abilities not like other folks. Hidden away in the family barn, the spacecraft begins to transmit messages to him which may cause him to lose self-will.

The film is being compared to such movies as CHRONICLE (2012) as well as SUPERMAN (1978). With its plot of a young boy that actually may have super powers, the question is asked what would happen if he was bad? In excellent performances, the Breyers are played by Elizabeth Banks (SLITHER) and DAVID DENMAM (THE OFFICE). Dark Discussions takes a look at this new sci-fi horror film and gives their thoughts.

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