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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 382 – Train to Busan (2016)

Though late to the subgenre, TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016), the successful zombie film from South Korea swept their national box office. It also received positive reviews from critics internationally. Director Sang-ho Yeon, mostly known for fantastic animation films, took the pre-apocalypse chaos done successfully in the DAWN OF THE DEAD (2004) remake and WORLD WAR Z (2013) and ramped it up on a passenger train heading from from Seoul to the beach city Busan.

When Seok-woo, a busy fund manager, takes his young daughter, Su-an, to see her estranged mother, the train they take becomes just one more location where the zombie outbreak happens. As a group of survivors band together and cross car to car to reunite with their loved ones, each train section becomes a death trap as the infected begin to attack and take over areas of the train.

With the film’s portrayal of wealthy, working class, and homeless all trying to survive, the movie shows a strong subtext of class warfare within South Korea (as well as any other first world nation). With some critics saying it may be the best zombie or apocalyptic film they have ever seen, the movie seems to be in great company. Dark Discussions in 2016 had it as the best horror film of the year. After a re-watch, the crew critique to determine if it still holds up three years later.

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