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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 377 – The Crow (1994)

It’s the 25th anniversary of THE CROW (1994), the film adaption of the independent comic book by James O’Barr. First published in 1989, the story became a cult success resulting in a franchise that still lives today. The movie was perfect for the era. Grunge music, goth and emo apparel, and a general alternative to the norm was spreading throughout. Up-and-comer Brandon Lee, the son of the famed actor Bruce Lee, was cast in the lead role of the film. What turned out was a brilliant if tragic casting.

On Devil’s Night (October 30th) in the city of Detroit, up-and-coming rock musician Eric Draven and his fiancé are having a quiet evening in their loft. Their peaceful harmony is soon disrupted by a group of gangsters who are trying to evict everyone from the block. When things go bad, Eric lands up dead and his fiancé is mortally wounded after a vicious attack. Soon after, something brings him back to life to carry out justice for the crime.

Brandon Lee, at the time, was beginning to get notice from Hollywood producers. With his casting as Eric Draven, he was about to become a leading man. His performance in THE CROW lets all see why he was a rising star. Unfortunately during a freak accident, he passed away during the shoot. As a result, the movie gained additional notoriety. Dark Discussions talks about the film, its legacy, and how it stands up twenty-five years later.

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