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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 375 – The Golem (2019)

In 2015, a new group of filmmakers, the Paz brothers, released a found-footage movie entitled JERUZALEM. After doing some TV work and one other feature film, this movie was the breakout that put them in the eye of many horror fans. Kinetic and incredibly fun, the movie received good reviews and a cult following. Now in 2019, their latest film, THE GOLEM, is a new direction for the brothers. Much more a quiet film, it also has received fine reviews.

In 1673, a small isolated Jewish community in Lithuania is fortunate to avoid the plague that seems to be affecting the surrounding gentile communities. As fear begins to grip their hostile neighbors, one woman decides to dabble in the black arts and create a golem, an animated guardian to protect her village. But much like in the past, such a creature can take on its own mind.

With its plot much like a drama, the film shows a different direction by the brothers. Though filled with a cast of mostly unknowns outside their native Israel, the film has been praised as technically well acted. Dark Discussions takes a look at this newly well received film and gives their opinion.

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