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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 373 – The Prodigy (2019)

Creepy kids, or deranged children in general, has been a staple as a horror sub-category for scary films. From the science fiction horror film CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED (1964) to the more recent films like JOSHUA (2007) or THE ORPHAN (2009), the subgenre has often reinvented itself. Now the new 2019 horror film, THE PRODIGY, has arrived to a new generation of fans.

Eight years ago, Sarah Blume gave birth to her new son Jackson. When she and her husband John take him home, they soon find that he is much more advanced and intelligent than most his age. Soon his behavior begins to turn more dissocial leading them to believe that their child may either be troubled or something worse.

The movie stars ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK’s Taylor Schilling as Sarah. Also of note is director Nicolas McCarthy, director of such notable genre films as THE PACT (2012) and AT THE DEVIL’S DOOR (2014). Dark Discussions takes a look at this new theatrical release and gives their thoughts.

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