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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 368 – Escape Room (2019)

There have been many films where people are stuck in some sort of game or scenario that leaves them in a life or death situation. Examples include THE BELKO EXPIRMENT, CUBE, 13 SINS, SAW, THE COLLECTOR, THE KILLING ROOM, and EXAM just to name a few. The very first mainstream release of 2019 is ESCAPE ROOM which itself follows the same concept.

Six individuals from different walks of life receive gifts to participate in an escape room; basically a form of LARP. The winner is guaranteed a ten thousand dollar prize if they can solve the puzzle. As the game begins, the participants find out that the game may not be a game at all, but a life or death trap. As people begin to die, each finds out their prior life events may actually be the reason they were picked in the first place.

The film is directed by Adam Robitel who had directed successful horror films THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN and INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY. And the movie brings together in starring roles genre favorites Deborah Ann Woll, Tyler Labine, and Logan Miller. With a fairly good critical rating and successful financially, some think it may be a new franchise. Dark Discussions takes a look at this latest film in the line of “game-themed” horror and gives their thoughts.

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