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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 364 – Red Christmas (2017)

Holiday time! It’s the time to share gifts and celebrate, but it is also the time to watch holiday themed films. For the horror genre, there are many films including classics such as GREMLINS, BLACK CHRISTMAS, and SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT. Also cult movies with strong followings are necessary viewing including JACK FROST and DON’T OPEN ‘TILL CHRISTMAS. Recently a slew of independent Christmas themed horror films have been making the rounds. One higher profile movie was 2017’s RED CHRISTMAS produced and starring screamqueen Dee Wallace.

When Diane (Dee Wallace) celebrates Christmas at her homestead in Australia, her entire immediate family arrive. Festivities begin with appetizers and cocktails. Later that afternoon a disabled stranger arrives at her front door. Rather than shooing him away, Diane invites the visitor in with the spirit of Christmas in her heart. Conversation quickly turns into shock as a dark family secret soon shows its ugly head.

Directed by Craig Anderson (his first full length feature) and starring relatively unknowns, the movie has received fairly positive reviews by many critics. Dee Wallace’s name brought some attention to the movie but it seemed only to attract genre fans during its initial release. Dark Discussions takes a look at this Australian made film and gives their thoughts.

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