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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 361 – Radius (2017)

One genre trope that seems to be used often is amnesia. What if our lead protagonist doesn’t remember anything at all. Was he or she a criminal or a hero? Such films as Total Recall among others have played with this quite well. A little seen 2017 Canadian film entitled Radius takes this idea and makes it its own.

A man wakes up in a ditch by the side of the road remembering nothing about himself. Walking down the road, he arrives at a local diner. Unfortunately for him, not only does he find the place littered with dead bodies, but others who arrive begin to die around him. Searching his wallet, he finds his license and heads back to his address. Locking himself in his house, he suddenly receives a knock on his door. A woman, just like he, is there who remembers nothing

The film is written and directed by the duo Caroline Labreche and Steeve Leonard and stars Diego Klattenhoff and Charlotte Sullivan. Though mostly unknowns, the film was one of the handful of surprises from independent genre cinema in 2017. Part horror, part thriller, and part science fiction, the film was rated as the second best speculative fiction film by co-host Philip. He and the other Dark Discussions co-hosts take a look at this film and give their critique.

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