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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 356 – Summer of 84 (2018)

Nostalgia is a thing that drives a lot of people. Whether it is toys or television shows, moviemakers have found a source that sells. Examples of this are blockbusters like the TRANSFORMERS movies, Netflix’s STRANGER THINGS, new films in the HALLOWEEN series, or faux-grindhouse films like GRINDHOUSE. One group of filmmakers from Canada released TURBO KID in 2015, another faux-nostalgia sci-fi flick, but in 2018 they are back with SUMMER OF 84, a horror film made as if it was from 1984.

In Oregon 1984, teenager Davey Armstrong lives across the street from police officer, Mr. Mackey. When he believes he sees some clues that lead to the possibility that Mr. Mackey may actually be the serial killer, the Cape May Slayer, he recruits his three best friends (nicknamed Eats, Woody and Curtis) and also his former babysitter Nikki to help investigate. As evidence mounts both for and against his investigation, another victim disappears.

TURBO KID was considered a big surprise for genre fans but this new film fits perfectly for those that have been into shows such as STRANGER THINGS and CHANNEL ZERO. Receiving generally critical praise, SUMMER OF 84 has entertained much buzz on social media. Dark Discussions takes a look at this latest VOD sensation and gives their thoughts.

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