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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 353 – The Nun (2018)

During the 2016 film THE CONJURING 2, the character simply entitled *the nun* was introduced. Though appearing as a religious person of piety, the nun was actually a demon in the disguise of the Catholic religious order. Though a minor character, she made an impression and now has her own origin film simply entitled THE NUN.

In 1952, when a nun is found dead at the remote nunnery of Cârta Monastery in Romania, the Vatican sends Father Burke along with the novitiate Sister Irene to investigate. Though still inhabited by a handful of other nuns, the location is very desolate and has an aura about it that seems not quite right. After learning about the mysterious history of the place, Father Burke must lead a battle between good and evil that could cost them their lives.

The film is directed by THE HALLOWS director Corin Hardy while being written by one of the hottest screenwriters in Hollywood, Gary Dauberman. Unfortunately, the film received very mediocre reviews even though the movie had a strong box office, making over $300 million USD against its $22 million USD budget. Dark Discussions takes a look at this highly anticipated film and gives their thoughts.

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