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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 346 – The Endless (2018)

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead are an interesting pair of filmmakers. Back in 2012 they made a movie that played at the Tribeca Film Festival entitled RESOLUTION. It was a bit surreal and could be considered art house horror. With its rave reviews, folks were excited for 2014 where they released the sci-fi horror film SPRING and had a segment in the horror anthology V/H/S: VIRAL. Again, praise was heaped upon them. Now, their new film THE ENDLESS has been released to possibly their greatest acclaim.

Some time ago two brothers, Justin and Aaron, escaped a UFO death cult. Now years later, neither are able to get their lives together. When a mysterious VHS tape arrives with a message from someone from the cult, the two return to the commune to try to get closure with their years before. When they arrive, Aaron discovers that the cult wasn’t exactly what Justin had told him, and soon a mystery about their future begins to unfold.

With its metaphysical characteristics, and its interesting connection to their very first movie, THE ENDLESS has been getting much attention by genre fans. As the supernatural becomes the ordinary, the lead characters try to decipher what’s happening so they can move on with their lives. Dark Discussions takes a look at this very peculiar movie and attempts to decipher its message.

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