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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 340 – Leigh Whannell Focus: 2018’s Upgrade

Are you a fan of Leigh Whannell? You probably are and may not even know it. He’s the co-creator of both the Saw and Insidious franchises where he wrote the screenplays, acted, and directed films in both franchises. Both are horror, but most certainly different subgenres. Now in 2018, his latest film, Upgrade, has been called horror but also techno-thriller, science fiction, action, and even body horror.

In the not too distant future, Grey and Asha Trace live a very happy upper middle class life. While his wife is an executive in a robotics firm, Grey is a mechanic and specializes in antique vehicles. When he and Asha return the latest refurbished vehicle to high-tech CEO Eron Keen, hitmen attack them on their way home. Leaving Grey a quadriplegic and his wife deceased, he begins to live a reclusive life. Soon however Eron offers him a chance to be whole again. When a new special computer chip, STEM, is surgically implanted in him, he not only is able to walk again but he is now able to get revenge.

With Upgrade, a new Blumhouse release, Leigh Whannell may just have entered the ranks as one of the hottest directors in Hollywood. Getting rave reviews, merging different genres, and filling the void for techno-thriller fans, the movie got off to a limited release of 1,700 screens yet immediately making its money back in one week. Dark Discussions takes a look at this very unique film and gives their opinion whether or not it is worthy of the praise that it is receiving.

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