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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 337 – Pyewacket (2018)

Many teenagers live as some sort of rebels. A lot of it comes down to being an adolescent and unable to cope with responsibility, changes, and accountability. Many dress differently, wear interesting hairstyles, or enjoy obscure arts. The new film, Pyewacket, directed by Adam MacDonald, is his follow up of his nature horror film Back Country. Unlike that film, this one is about a broken family, how they cope with the loss of a member, and the turn to darkness by the daughter to the occult.

Leah, a teenage girl, has gone all goth since the death of her father. She wears dark clothes, listens to extreme music, and reads all about the occult. Her mother is even in more despair. She continues to be depressed months after the passing. When she packs up herself and Leah to the backwoods to live, Leah is angry being uprooted from her friends. After a fight where words are regretted, Leah runs into the woods and performs a ritual to bring the old English demon Pyewacket to come and kill her mother. Soon strange things begin to happen and she wonders whether her rash actions actually were more than a girl crying for help.

Pyewacket, from an old historical account by an English witchfinder general, has remained an interesting part of the witch craze of bygone days. The movie when played at festivals received good vibe and has since been listed by many as one of the better horror films of the early part of 2018. Dark Discussions takes a look at this Canadian horror film and gives their thoughts.

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