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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 336 – Margot Kidder Tribute: 1974’s Black Christmas

Slasher films have been mainstays since the time of John Carpenter’s Halloween. Yet, films such as Psycho, Peeping Tom, and the dozens of Giallos by Sergio Martino, Mario Bava, Dario Argento, among others appeared before 1978, including Black Christmas, Bob Clark’s 1974 film that many actually consider the first “real” slasher. With the passing of Margot Kidder, one of genre’s most beloved stars, Dark Discussions takes a look at this classic genre film.

In a small college town, a sorority house gets various obscene phone calls during the month of December. Though Jessica, Phyllis, and Barbara are staying in the house for the Christmas break, everyone else begins to head home. When Clare, one of the last to leave, mysteriously disappears, both her boyfriend Chris and father become concerned. After a local high school girl disappears, the police get involved. Unbeknownst to the girls, the danger may be lurking right inside their sorority house.

Made in Canada, starring both Americans and Canadians, it was one of the films that put Bob Clark on the map but also Margot Kidder too. Though in a supporting role, she received high praise in what turned out to be a defining moment in her career. Going on to do Superman only solidified her stardom. Dark Discussions does a tribute to not only a great film, but also to an actress who’s time was too short.

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