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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 335 – Bad Samaritan (2018)

David Tennant is probably best known for playing Doctor Who for a number of years. A heroic if eccentric character, it was surprising to see him play the villain in season one of the television series Jessica Jones. With his remarkable performance it isn’t surprising that he may have been typecast as an antagonist going forward. And sure enough his latest film, Bad Samaritan, he does a turn as another psychopath far removed from his role as Doctor Who.

Sean Falco and his friend Derek Sandoval run a scam. Both young men who seem to not know what to do with their lives, they valet cars at a fancy restaurant in Portland, Oregon where they then head over with the car and keys in hand to rob the empty houses. When Sean heads over to the house of eccentric millionaire Carl Erendreich, his robbery turns into something more when he discovers a woman tied and chained. Unable to free her, he decides to do something about it.

Director Dean Devlin in his sophomore film presents us with a throwback thriller that would fit nicely with its similar brethren from the 1990’s. Though starring David Tennant, the supporting casts holds their own. Dark Discussions takes a look at this film and gives their opinions on the cast, the thrills, and whether the plot holds up to its daring set up.

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