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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 334 – Terrifier (2018)

First it was the Universal monsters, and then the slasher icons that became household names. From Dracula to Jigsaw, iconic villains have been in short supply recently. Some films like Laid To Rest, The Collector, and the Hatchet films have brought new killers to the forefront for a few years before fading away. The new film, Terrifier (2018), brings a new antagonist named Art the Clown to the horror fan eye. With the film’s Halloween setting, it has even a second chance to breakthrough some would say.

Early morning on November 1st, just after the end of a Halloween party, two friends, Tara and Dawn, visit a pizza parlor to get some well deserved grub. While there, a fellow adult trick-or-treater in a clown suit enters the establishment. Doing the whole mime thing, Tara becomes a bit anxious with the sudden attention he has for her. After the clown is forcibly removed by the owners after vandalizing the back bathroom, Tara and Dawn head home only to find their vehicle with a flat tire.

Written and directed by Damien Leone, the movie is based on a character he invented for a horror anthology he made in 2013 entitled All Hallow’s Eve. Though not seen widely, the movie drew a lot of positive feedback especially with the stories that included Art the Clown. Seeing promise, Art becomes the focus in this new film that received a lot of press at film festivals. Dark Discussions takes a look at this new film and gives their thoughts whether Art can break through to a wider audience.

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