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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 329 – Steven Soderbergh Focus: 2018’s Unsane

Mostly known for big budget Hollywood films as well as Oscar nominated dramas, Steven Soderbergh is back with maybe his smallest budgeted film prior to making it big. His new genre film entitled UNSANE (2018) has an interesting if not an original trait about it. The film was filmed entirely using an iPhone making it have a distinct yet a very professional look. Such has been done in independent film before including award winning director Sean Baker’s film TANGERINE (2015). For UNSANE, the movie turns from a quirky arthouse film to a straight out horror film by its end.

White collar professional, Sawyer Valentini, lives with the fair of being found by her stalker. Originally from Boston, she moves to a small city in Pennsylvania hoping to move on with her life. Yet, depression and fear follow her everywhere. Looking for support, she is tricked into voluntarily committing herself to a corrupt mental health institution. Unfortunately for her, David Strine, her stalker, may have found her whereabouts. Has he worked his way into employment to become part of the facility’s staff? Or maybe is it all in her mind?

With its curious camera angles, the movie leaves viewers wondering whether our lead protagonist is actually insane, imagining things, or just a troubled woman who has been created because of unfortunate circumstances? With many timely issues present, including the care for the mentally ill, insurance fraud, and the MeToo issue, some may wonder if Soderbergh is trying to say something more with the film even with its simple gimmick and midnight movie aspects. Dark Discussions takes a look at the film and gives their thoughts.

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