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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 327 – The Strangers Retrospective

Home invasions have been a standard plot device for films in the thriller and horror genre for some time. From such mainstream fair as WAIT UNTIL DARK (1967) all the way to cult movies like WHEN A STRANGER CALLS (1979 and 2006), genre films find ways to re-invent what could turn into a very tired subgenre. Yet both the New French Extreme wave of movies (INSIDE (2007), THEM (2006)) plus those with a nihilistic design (FUNNY GAMES (1997 and 2007)) have made such films fresh yet leaving viewers with no hope. In 2008, THE STRANGERS, starring Liv Tyler, became an immediate cult classic while pulling a large box office.

After attending a wedding, late that evening Kristen and James arrive at James’ family’s vacation home. When their night ends with a disagreement, a young woman appears on their doorstep asking for someone that doesn’t live there. A bit odd since the home is not near many other residences, the two are surprised when the girl knocks on their door a second time. Soon a group of unknown assailants begin to harass the two leaving them to fight for their very lives.

Ten years later, a sequel was released in March 2018. The movie brings back the iconic villains of the original film. Why did it take so long for a follow-up movie for what turned out to be a very successful film? Dark Discussions takes a look at the original and its sequel and give their thoughts on the two movies and the original’s legacy.

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