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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 323 – Black Panther (2018)

Back in 1966, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the superhero Black Panther. The character was not necessarily unique but stood out for his heritage, not just being racially black but also from the fictional land of Wakanda. Though never as popular as Spiderman and other top tier characters, he did compare to that of Ironman and Thor. After being introduced in the movie universe, Marvel Studios has given him his own film to headline.

When T’Challa’s father passes, he becomes the new king of Wakanda, a hidden nation that has been able to utilize an element called vibranium which can give special powers to almost anything. When the mercenary Klaue teams up with Killmonger, an ex-special ops soldier, T’Challa, his people, and the world are in danger. As the Black Panther, T’Challa must stop this new danger and try to save the world.

After directing the small yet critically claimed Fruitvale Station, he was given the opportunity to direct Creed, a major studio film that earned Oscar nominations. Now in 2018 he has helmed the latest Marvel superhero film which not only has received great reviews but has had one of the biggest box office openings in history. Dark Discussions takes a look at this new fan favorite.

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