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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 321 – Mom and Dad (2018)

Brian Taylor has been working in genre films for over a decade. He is best known for writing and directing the Jason Statham film series, Crank, that were not only surprise hits with large cult followings, but also reviewed well by film critics. Even with their midnight movie plots, they actually have a lot of nuance to their story such as mortality, the meaning of love, and the purpose of one’s life. Taylor’s new film, Mom and Dad, seems to follow the zombie theme but just like the Crank films, the movie has more to it than the surface level that it presents.

The Ryan’s seem to be a normal family. Mom and Dad appear to be happy. The children, Carly and Josh, are typical siblings. They fight a lot and push the buttons of their parents, but all in all, their family life is good. When a news story appears saying a couple has murdered their children, the practice spreads to other families. Soon Mom and Dad are out to get Carly and Josh. The two fight to survive but wonder what is next if the two people who should love them the most want to kill them.

Again, Brian Taylor has made a bizarre midnight movie that critics are praising. Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair play the rabid parents while Anne Winters plays Carly who must not only survive but also protect her little brother. Dark Discussions takes a look at this newly released VOD film and gives their thoughts discussing not only what they felt about the movie but also what the film seems to be saying.

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