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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 295 – Wonder Woman (2017)

Wonder Woman, one of genre’s most iconic characters, first appeared in 1941, created by William Moulton Marston, who also invented the polygraph test. Continuously printed in comics and graphic novels since, she is one of the longest running superheroes of all time. In the 1970’s, she appeared in a well received television series starring Lynda Carter. After many years, 2016 had her first appearance starring beauty queen and actress Gal Gadot in Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice. Now in 2017, the character received her first starring role as lead in one of the year’s most anticipated movies, Wonder Woman.

When World War I spreads to the hidden island of Themyscira, the home to the Amazons, Princess Diana rescues an allied soldier, Captain Steve Trevor, from drowning. Soon German soldiers land on the island and the Amazons are forced to fight off the threat. When Diana helps Steve on his journey back to Great Britain, she is forced to see a world that she had never seen before, filled with bloodshed and war. With the help of Steve and his friends, she heads to the warfront to help humanity in its efforts to win back the peace.

Gal Gadot won praise for her role as the iconic warrior. The cast includes Chris Pine and Danny Huston in fantastic supporting roles. The film was directed by Patty Jenkins, who’s prior film, Monster, won Academy Awards. And with a script by Allan Heinberg, the movie has become one of the highest grossing films of all time. Dark Discussions takes a look at this phenomenon and gives their opinion.

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