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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 292 – Berlin Syndrome (2017)

Another “arthouse” horror film from Australia. Berlin Syndrome’s screenwriting, credited to Shaun Grant, has a similar feel to his Snowtown Murders. But also it is not much unlike the recent Hounds of Love. What they all have in common is horror based in the real world where the real monsters are people.

Clare, a beautiful woman from Australia, takes a backpacking trip to Germany to photograph the unique architecture of old East Germany, specifically East Berlin. While walking the streets, she meets a handsome school teacher named Andi who shows her about the city. With a mutual attraction, the two later head to his flat and make passionate love; essentially a magnificent one night stand. But after Andi leaves for work, Clare unexpectedly gets locked in his apartment.

The movie is directed by Australian filmmaker, Cate Shortland, from a minimalist screenplay by Shaun Grant (based off the novel by Melanie Joosten). The film stars Teresa Palmer in a career defining performance as Clare, and Sense8 actor Max Riemelt as Andi. Receiving rave reviews from critics, Dark Discussions takes a look at this recently released horror thriller.

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