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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 290 – Hounds of Love (2017)

Australian films, when they are independent and when they are thrillers, they do all seem to be very dark. The list is amazing: Sleeping Beauty, Acolytes, Snowtown Murders, Wolf Creek, These Final Hours, The Loved Ones, and X: Night of Vengeance. Now another filmmaker in his motion picture debut, Ben Young, brings his version of the dark thriller to the big screen. The film, Hounds of Love, has been doing the festival circuit, even just a few months ago, and has been receiving rave reviews by critics.

Vicki Maloney is a seventeen year old girl whose parents have recently divorced. While visiting her mother’s home, she sneaks out the window at night to meet up with her boyfriend and girlfriends at a local party. While on her way there, she is picked up by a couple who say they have marijuana for sale. Arriving at their home, she heads inside only to wish that she never had.

The film stars Emma Booth and Stephen Curry as Evelyn and John White, based on a real life case of two folks who abducted and killed four young girls in Perth, Australia. Ashleigh Cummings stars a Vicki in a very draining role of a young woman fighting for her life. Dark Discussions takes a look at this new VOD release and gives their thoughts on the never ending dark Australian thrillers.

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