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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 287 – The Lure (2017)

The weird tale. That can be so many things. For example, the True Blood series shows vampires, werewolves, and other entities living opening in a real world setting. Others like Tromeo and Juliet seem to play for the grindhouse and live in a world that is over the top. The new Polish language film, The Lure, is somewhere in between. It has mermaids in it. Using the mythos that Hans Christian Andersen wrote in his story, The Little Mermaid, this updated version of the tale is over the top blood, nudity, and weirdness and filled with musical numbers.

When sisters who happen to be mermaids named Golden and Silver arrive in a Baltic Sea town off the coast of Poland, they are brought to a burlesque club and become an act at the establishment. Being from a different “land”, they begin to find out the wonders of what humanity can bring to them. However, one decides that being a human is more enticing than eventually returning to the sea. Her sister however seems to be struggling to conform.

New time director Agnieszka Smoczynska brings a bizarre tale based off a script written by Robert Bolesto. The film has printed all over it the words “future cult classic”. Now available everywhere on VOD after a long run on the festival circuit, Dark Discussions takes a look at this highly anticipated film and gives their critique.

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