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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 273: Gore Verbinski Focus: 2017’s A Cure For Wellness

Horror films come in many different forms. There’s the exploitation films and there are the arthouse gothic films and then there are the nominal jump scare paint by numbers films. And all have their gems. When a director like Gore Verbinski, who’s done such genre classics as The Ring and Pirates of the Caribbean, gets the ability to make what he wants, some may call the end result either a vanity project or artistic flourish. Either way, the product will definitely be something interesting.

2017’s A Cure for Wellness is Gore Verbinski’s latest flick, a horror film that contains the characteristics of a Hammer horror movie throughout yet with a last act that seems more like a drive-in exploitation film. Reviewed with mixed results, the film has quickly left theaters with little notice.

Dark Discussions takes a look at this very interesting film, from its symbolic nature, its subtext, its entertainment value, and its structure. The leads include up-and-coming actors Dane DeHaan and Mia Goth along with dependable character actor Jason Isaacs who all shine in their performances. Whether one comes away in love with the film or thinking it to be nothing more than excessive, the picture is incredibly well made and has much to say.

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