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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 264 – All Through the House (2016)

There have been a lot of really good low budget or independent horror films over the last few years. The Dark Discussions Podcast seems to review many, most being arthouse or foreign. But for every arthouse horror film, there are a bunch of zombie, monster, or slasher films that appear on VOD as well. One of them, the Christmas themed slasher All Through the House, has rose to the surface with a very well made trailer and a fantastic marketing campaign. If you want to get the word out about a film, these folks know how.

Years ago, a quiet neighborhood is struck with the disappearance of Jamie Garrett, a five year old little girl. Fifteen years later, next door neighbor Rachel, comes home from college for the holidays, reconnecting with her friends, an ex-boyfriend, and the mother of the missing girl. As she and her two friends help bring down Christmas ornaments from Mrs. Garrett’s attic, a masked killer dressed as Santa Claus begins to hunt down college coeds leaving a trail of dead bodies.

Released to festivals in 2015, All Through the House made its debut in quarter four of 2016, perfect timing for a Christmas horror themed movie. The film is written and directed by newcomer Todd Nunes and stars a bevy of bountiful beauties including lead actress Ashley Mary Nunes (sister to the director). Dark Discussions takes a look at this new slasher film and give their thoughts on whether it is a worthy throwback to the 1980’s or not.

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