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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 261 – Snowpiercer (2014)

The film had fantastic “daily’s”, or scenes shot for an unfinished film. Harvey Weinstein thought so too, so he bought the US film rights to the film Snowpiercer, by Korean director Joon-ho Bong. But when he saw the final product, he asked for some changes. His impression was that it was more an arthouse science fiction film than he had thought. Bong refused, so the film sat on the shelve for months before Weinstein dropped it on his smaller distributor for a quick release to salvage some of his money. Either way, the film received glorious reviews from critics.

When the world tries a scientific fix to global warming, everything goes to hell. The world turns into an ice planet and the remaining survivors live on a train that circles the globe. Unfortunately, a class system ensues and for the last 18 years, the poor that live at the back of the train have had enough. With horrible living conditions, they attempt a revolt where they plan to not only head through the train cars, but they also plan to take over the train itself from the elites.

Some have called the film quite a ride. With its bizarre story, strangely unique look scene to scene, and its international cast, the film may not quite gel for some, but it surely is something to behold. Dark Discussions takes a look at this interesting film and gives both their review and their opinion of what the film was trying to s

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