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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 257 – The Howling (1981)

It’s basically a running joke with vampires and zombies. Almost every other horror film or television show seems to have them in it. Yet werewolves, probably one of the most popular horror monsters of all time seems to be overlooked. Yet there are a few classic horror films starring them. The Universal monster films are some. American Werewolf in London is considered a classic. Even Emily Blunt starred in the remake Wolfman a few years back. But also, Joe Dante arguably may have made the best one of them all. The Howling, now thirty-five years old, is considered a horror classic.

News anchorwoman Karen White is covering a story about a serial killer known only as Eddie. When she is contacted by him to meet up in the red light district of Los Angeles, a police shootout occurs leaving Eddie dead and Karen in psychological turmoil. Dr. George Waggoner has Karen and her husband head to his retreat to recoup from her shock. Soon, however, things turn bizarre as their marriage becomes strained and the community around them begins to show signs of eccentricity.

Released in 1981, and based on the best selling novel by Gary Brandner, the film made Dee Wallace a top horror screamqueen and broke out Joe Dante as one of the era’s top genre directors. With master Rick Baker as a consultant on the film and Rob Bottin doing the work, the movie is considered one of horror’s groundbreaking films for special effects. Dark Discussions does a critique of the film and talks all things werewolves.

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