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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 254 – Sun Choke

There’s been a lot of low profile genre films that have popped up and gained critical responses. Sun Choke, a new film by director Ben Cresciman, seems to be another receiving a high score on the review site, Rotten Tomatoes. Starring television actress Sarah Hagan, and costarring screamqueens Barbara Crampton and Sara Malakul Lane, the cast is a three piece character driven film that has the three actresses collide in a shocking conclusion.

We are introduced to Janie (played by Sarah Hagan) recovering from some sort of mental breakdown. Irma, her caretaker played by Barbara Crampton, uses a form of complex holistic therapy to bring Janie back to normalcy. When given some independent freedoms, Janie heads out about town and meets a pretty young woman named Savannah (played by Sara Malakul Lane) who she begins to follow. Soon, Janie’s recovery becomes stunted and her fragile mind once more deteriorates.

Technically the film is beautifully made. The score by Bryan Hollon is magnificent and the editing, cinematography, and set design are fantastic. Dark Discussions takes a look at this low profile horror film and digs deep into the symbolic nature of the storyline. Does the positive critical response to the plot equal the strong technical aspects around the film? Listen to find out what your co-hosts think.

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