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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 249 – Don’t Breathe (2016)

With the financial success of the Evil Dead remake, Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert’s Ghost House Pictures brought on that film’s director, Fede Alvarez, to do another film. Along with screenwriter Rodo Sayagues, the two wrote an original story this time around entitled Don’t Breathe, a new home invasion tale with a couple of new twists.

Three twenty-somethings are robbers in the greater Detroit area. Alex’s father owns a security company so he’s able to access the customer’s home alarms. When the three are told about a blind veteran who happened to recently win a huge settlement in the wrongful death of his daughter, Alex discovers the man is one of his father’s customers. With alarms disabled, the three head over to rob what appears to be an easy score.

Receiving fantastic reviews on its festival run, the film immediately struck gold at the box office and grossed more money its first two weeks during its theater run than any other feature. Dark Discussions heads to the theater and gives their take on Fede Alvarez’s new flick.

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