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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 246: Killer Fish Fest – 2012’s El Monstro Del Mar!

B-films have turned out to be pretty influential throughout the years. Most were made on shoe string budgets or were about topics that many folks considered nothing more than pulp. However over the years, a lot have been re-evaluated or even become classics. Very recently new filmmakers have paid tribute to the monster movies or roughies of yesteryear. In 2012, an Australian film entitled El Monstro Del Mar did just that and attracted notice from such media as Fangoria magazine.

When three femme fatales come roaring into a small ocean village, they bring with them a big city attitude that a small town would consider alien. Hannah, a local girl, becomes intrigued by their free spirited mind-set. However, her grandfather begins to worry that the strangers’ flamboyant ways could awaken the town’s past. A past that was filled with bloodshed brought on by a supernatural being.

With its three lead characters quite like those from the Russ Meyer classic, Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, and having a sea monster reminiscent of the beasts from 1950’s science fiction horror films, El Monstro Del Mar is a mash up of two much loved genres. Director and writer, Stuart Simpson, leads a group of new, young filmmakers coming from Australia. Part of Dark Discussions Killer Fish Fest for the month of August, we review and critique and give our opinions.

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