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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 244: Killer Fish Fest – 2012’s The Bay

Welcome to episode one of five of our Killer Fish Fest. Six films, five podcasts on all things aquatic that can be horrifying. Our very first themed month of movie podcasts. To begin, we start with a fairly recent film by possibly one of the most highly acclaimed directors of all time. Maryland native, Barry Levinson, famed for such films as Rain Man, Bugsy, and Sleepers, shocked many when he not only did a small low budget horror film, but one in the mode of found footage. That film, The Bay from 2012, was an effective and quite scary film about the terrors of pollution.

The Chesapeake Bay, with its very long shore line and the location of Baltimore, one of the major coastal cities in the US, is known for its tourism, its wildlife, and its summer activities. Famous for the blue crab, Maryland has become famous for its crab cakes. But when a celebration of Independence Day goes awry, chaos results. A strange and mysterious infection begins to infect a small town. People begin to die, and the government begins to battle time in its quest to discover what is happening.

Filmed as a mockumentary, the film switches between multiple story and time lines to effectively weave an all so real story. With its unknown cast, the movie becomes more effective. Just don’t have anyone come into the room while it is playing or they may actually believe it to be a real story. Co-host Kristi chose the film to critique. And what a way to kick off our aquatic horror films.

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