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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 241 – Clown (2016)

How to get a feature film made? Well, one way is to get noticed. And you can do that by making a short film or even a trailer. Well, the folks that made the film Mama caught the attention of Guillermo Del Toro with their short film. Now, the folks that did the new film Clown made a fake trailer stating their fictional film was produced by Eli Roth. Eli saw it, loved it, and thought they had guts to use his name. He got in contact with them and, sure enough, produced the film.

Kent, a real estate agent, and Meg McCoy hire a clown for their son’s birthday party, but because of a double booking, he cancelled. In a tight squeeze, Kent, while cleaning out at an estate sale, finds a clown costume and delights his family when he shows up for the birthday. But by bedtime, he isn’t able to pull off the red nose, the colorful hair, and the costume itself. After a trip to the ER, he gets a hold of Herbert Karlsson, the brother of the original owner of the suit, who immediately wants to help.

The film stars Andy Powers and Laura Allen, along with Peter Stormare (as Herbert Karlsson). Director Jon Watts, who also directed the well received Kevin Bacon film, Cop Car, made his feature film debut with his co-screenwriter Christopher D. Ford on Clown. After being shelved for a couple of years along with Eli Roth’s film Green Inferno, Clown now sees the light of day. Dark Discussions takes a look and gives their take.

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