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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 238 – James Wan Focus: 2016’s The Conjuring 2

The Warrens are back. The real life ghost hunters, Ed and Lorraine Warren, probably most well known for the Amityville haunting case, were the focus of the film The Conjuring and their investigation of the 1971 Roger and Carolyn Perron haunting in Rhode Island. Now the movie, The Conjuring 2, is the focus of their investigation of the well publicized 1977 haunting of the Brimsdown, Enfield council house in London, England.

A single mum, Peggy Hodgson, and her four children seem to live a normal working class life. Soon however odd things begin to happen including such innocuous but bizarre acts as electronics turning on or off by themselves. But when a presence makes its appearance and in many ways seeming to be malicious, paranormal investigators are called in, including the Warrens.

With the success of the first film, Hollywood greenlighted the follow up film that brought back acclaimed genre director James Wan, screenwriters of the original, Chad and Carey Hayes, and newly hot screenwriter David Leslie Johnson to co-write the script. The film received splendid reviews by both reviewers and audiences equally and immediately went on to make all its money back and more. Dark Discussions is back to discuss this highly successful film with professional ghost hunter and Warren expert, Nate Schoonover, joining to critique and review.

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