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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 234 – Emelie (2016)

There’s been a number of horror films and thrillers where the babysitter is a potential victim and possibly even the “final girl”. However, what if it was the babysitter that was the psychopath, the murderer, the bad girl and not the victim? Well, a new film by first time director Michael Thelin does just that. The movie, Emelie, written by Richard Herbeck, turns that old trope around 180 degrees where the young woman who is supposed to watch your children is actually an imposter.

A married couple’s regular babysitter happens to be unable to watch their children on the night of their anniversary so she recommends her friend Anna. Though the couple has never seen what Anna looks like, the father goes to the address given, picks her up, and the parents introduce her to the three children. When they leave, the oldest boy begins to wonder who this new babysitter really is. Babysitters he’s known never were like this.

The film is another 2016 release, hitting video on demand and then following on disc by Dark Sky Films. None of your co-hosts knew much about it before its sudden appearance but co-host Eric and Philip decided to give it a go. Is it any good? Or is it just another generic thriller? Listen to your co-hosts to find out.

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