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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 231 – KILD-TV (2016)

Horror Hound Weekend, the big genre convention held out in Indianapolis, seems to find hidden gems by new film makers. A few years back, for example, the anthology horror film Drive-In Horror Show was selected to play there. Last year, a small independent film entitled KILD-TV made its appearance, and during award ceremonies won two awards while receiving much positive feedback.

While running their local midnight horror creature feature, the skeleton crew at the local television station discover there is a murderer among them. After the disappearance of the receptionist and head engineer, a body is discovered and soon they find out all their lives are all in danger. Locked in by sabotage, the only time they can get the word out is through the computer run live three minute broadcasts usually for the skits by the horror host right before commercial breaks. Unfortunately for them, their pleas for help are taken by the television audience as part of the show’s shtick.

Both Fangoria and Dread Central gave highly positive reviews to the aptly named KILD-TV. Dark Discussions was able to view the feature and include a quick interview with the director, William Collins. With high praise and awards from a top notch convention, was the movie as good as the horror reviewers have stated. Find out what your co-hosts thought of the film and then go check it out on every major VOD outlet.

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