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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 230 – The Invitation (2016)

2016 continues forward with new and interesting genre films being released that seem not to have been on many peoples radar. The movie, The Invitation, dropped upon VOD in April to very positive reviews from critics that attended screenings during its festival run. Starring some noted genre actors including Logan Marshall-Green (Prometheus; Devil) and Michiel Huisman (Game of Thrones; World War Z) and a large ensemble cast, the film appears to be one thing but may actually be something else all together.

Will and his girlfriend are invited to his ex-wife and her new husband’s home for a dinner date that would reunite him with a group of friends that he hadn’t seen in some time. Unfortunately on his arrival he is reminded about a tragic event in his and his ex-wife’s past that literally tore their marriage apart. Quiet and melancholic, he floats through the night in a daze as he is re-introduced to his old friends and two of his wife’s new friends. But he begins to feel as if something is amiss. That this “party” is something more than just healing old wounds and re-uniting with old friends.

The Invitation was directed by Karyn Kusama already known for her other films Aeon Flux and Jennifer’s Body. The screenplay was co-written by the partner duo of Phil Hay (who’s also Karyn’s husband) and Matt Manfredi. Though a limited release and basically straight to VOD, some say that this may be Karyn Kusama’s best film and possibly one of the best horror films of 2016. Dark Discussions talks and critiques a film that seems to have a lot more to say than what it first presents itself as.

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