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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 228 – Hush (2016)

Home invasion films, woman-in-peril films, or a combination of both have been around for years. Whether straight in the thriller subgenre or specifically horror, it has been a pretty popular topic of some really good films. A few more prominent ones that come to mind from the past decade are Inside, The Strangers, and Them. Now, Hush, a new film by director Mike Flanagan has joined them and has been released by Netflix.

A young single woman is home alone in her rural wooded home. Fairly well-to-do, just out of a relationship, she spends her nights writing her next novel. Very melancholy, a bit overwhelmed with the general aspects of life and self doubt, she also has a disability, being deaf and mute. One night a masked stranger arrives at her house. Immediately he begins to terrorize her and one wonders what his actual intent is.

Appearing last year out of the blue, the film circulated the festival circuits. Blumhouse produced the film and interestingly, the bidding for the movie was won by Netflix for a direct-to-the-channel release. Receiving fairly good reviews, the movie was hyped only shortly before disappearing within the multitude of genre films available on Netflix. Dark Discussions talks about and reviews this new movie.

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